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Excess weight and obesity are generally categorised by Body Mass Index (BMI).

This is calculated by dividing your weight (kg) by your height squared (M2).

Don't worry if you do not know this.

Click here for the BMI Calculator, follow the simple steps and we will calculate your BMI for you.

Below is a general guide to BMI:

BMI less than 18.5 = underweight
BMI 18.5 - 25 = healthy
BMI 25 - 30 = overweight
BMI 30+ = obese
BMI 40+ = morbidly obese

Obesity has significant risks to your health. It also affects what you do, how you feel and has an impact upon your health. For instance, the risk of myocardial infarction (heart attack) in a woman with a BMI greater than 29 is three times that of a healthy BMI and the risk of diabetes increases by 4.5% for each kg increase in weight.

Scary isn't it.

Obesity and morbid obesity cause over 30,000 deaths a year in England alone.

At Weightloss Park, our aim is not only to reduce your BMI but also to prevent you getting too overweight in the first place.

That is why we offer the Transcend and the Weightloss Park programme. You can also have the Harehill Park programme to get you ready for surgery in the first place.

Did you know that a reduction of just 10% of your excess body weight can have enormous benefits for your health and life?

Obesity has been in the press a lot recently - and it can cause many health problems including:

  • Diabetes (Type II)
  • High blood pressure
  • Breathing problems
  • Stroke
  • Reduced life expectancy
  • Heart conditions
  • Sleeping problems (sleep apnoea)
  • Some cancers
  • Problems with infertility
  • Depression
  • Skin problems
  • Circulation problems

Not everyone who is overweight or obese gets all these! You do however have an increased risk of becoming poorly as a result of being very overweight.

The team at Weightloss Park will work with you to help you to prevent many of these conditions and to reduce the chances of them occurring in the first place.

We can also make you feel better by offering a range of holistic care and support while you lose weight.


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